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We deliver web development you can count on.


We work on a wide breadth of technology with customers that like to challenge the norm with open source, or accept the norm with mainstream turnkey solutions and integrations. We have experts on our team that are used to jumping in at the right time and offering custom assistance in taking any project to the finish line.


We have a YUGE list of services that are broken down by Focus Areas. Each have a defined statement of work (SOW) illustrating how we will do it.  Except for the focus area related to research (we help you make strategic decisions), all others are tactical in nature (tactical like a sniper…you point we fire!).

  • Focus Area: Web Operations (Dev Ops)

    • Fix HTML/CSS/Javascript/Jquery issues.
    • Create an HTML webpage from a PSD, Zeplin or Sketch file.
    • We will write server side code and business logic for WordPress or PHP based existing websites.
    • We will do server side maintenance tasks such as installing SSL certificates, creating back ups, moving hosting providers, setting up and migrating to dedicated servers, managing FTP and related services.
    • We will implement front end code and business logic on AngularJS and Angular on an existing application.
    • We will add cookies and pixels for Analytics, Adwords, Facebook or other third party services.
    • We will do best-effort API integrations using third party libraries like Mailchimp, CRMs, Clickfunnels, Analytics, and more…
    • Debug website development and theme update related issues.
    • Theme customizations to WordPress, Shopify, Craft, and dozens more…
    • Manage advanced DNS records.
    • Product import and export in e-commerce frameworks like Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify…
    • We’ll implement on-page SEO requests on websites including 301 redirects, 404 errors and plugins.
    • We will write scripts that can clean up data/csv files for you.
    • We will manage MySQL databases for you.
    • We will manage hosting service providers for you including Amazon Web Services – EC2 and RDS, and on a best effort basis –  Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Focus Area: Research

    • Competitive intelligence reports on your clients’ local geographical area, industry, and more…
    • Crawl websites and produce SEO reports on your client’s or prospective accounts.
    • Match technology specs to web development options.

Client Requests

Client Request: “Please check this site’s speed optimization test (ping test). Help me figure out how to speed up the site to improve my Google rank.”

Our Tasks:

  • Eliminate render-blocking Javascript and CSS in above-the-fold content
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Optimize images
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Enable compression

Project Success: The Full Stack On Demand team completed this quickly, want to know the turnaround time?  Click here.

Client Request: “Please set up an A/B test and store the tags for each click through success. Use our CRM and link the landing page to the AdWords campaign we are kicking off.”

Our Tasks:

  • Define the A/B test and document the flow using draw.io
  • Connect the AdWords campaign to the landing page account we have at Unbounce (use domain mapping and set up SSL please)
  • Create the custom html form using Infusionsoft and edit the CSS to match the site
  • Allow team to run reports to test the success of each test at the end of the month.

Project Success: The Full Stack On Demand team completed this quickly, want to know the turnaround time? Click here.

Client Request: “We onboard 5-10 new clients every month onto our website maintenance service after we build them a new website.  We would like for you to help us speed up the first 25% of the set up process on each WordPress instance on both live and staging environments for each new account.”

Our Tasks:

  • Analyze new client intake strategy forms and determine process for each new account.
  • Assess theme or custom theme selection.
  • Prepare feedback.
  • Follow 17 step set up process that includes adding custom plugins, linking to new tracking and analytics platforms, leverage backup settings, and more…

Project Success: The Full Stack On Demand team completed this quickly, want to know the turnaround time? Click here.

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